Google, Search Giant Revamped the Logo

Recently Google has made minor tweaks in their classic logo. Reddit was the first one to identify the difference in Google’s logo. Just look at both images and see if you can find the difference between two? Old Logo  New Logo What’s the difference? If you


30 Amazing Letterhead Designs

Letterhead is an important element of your corporate identity. A well designed letterhead helps you in selling your brand and grabbing the attention of viewers. It revitalizes your brand image through smart placement of logo and corporate colors. Finding a top notch professional letterhead design is


Why & How Zimbio Survived from Panda 4.0

Recently Google updated its algorithm aka Panda 4.0, many sites lost organic traffic but there is also a list of websites that survived see Google Panda Survivors & Losers. This post isn’t to explain what Google did with its algorithm or websites, my concern is


Google Panda 4.0 Update Rollout: Real Winners & Losers

Last one week was a crucial time for all website owners after Google confirmation of Panda 4.0 update. On 21st May 2014, this news spread like a fire after Matt Cutt’s tweet regarding Google Panda 4.0 algorithm update. The main aim of this update is


15 Inspirational Contact Us Page Designs

Contact Us Page is usually overlooked during website designing. Most of the designers just use a standard contact us form and get over with this page.  However some designers put an extra effort and it really pays off. Contact Us form is one of the


20 Incredibly Creative Brochure Designs

Brochures are one of the major tool in Advertising. They play a vital role in marketing of any product or a service. The main aim is to grab the attention of target audience, make them read the information inside and eventually persuade them to buy your product.


15 Best Ecommerce Website Designs 2014

92% percent of internet experts believe that visuals are the top influential factors for conversions (Purchasing Factor). An e-commerce website has just 2 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention and further leading to a conversion. A good design is a great way to communicate and convince,


7 Best Successful Startup Websites

Every year hundreds of start ups launch their websites online. However there is no assistance for them, we’ve tried to gather the best ideas for online appearance in this post. Enjoy the list. Addvocate A social sharing platform that enables coworkers to create and share content of

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20+ Exceptional 404 Error Page Designs

Clicking on a broken link usually annoys users. However a well designed error page can make things better.  A creatively designed 404 page is very important to re-engage users and direct them to home page. If you still haven’t designed your 404 page, then start


30 Mind Blowing Infographics

 Behind every image, there is a complete story. Right combination of words and pictures results in an eye-catching interesting infographic. These info graphics grabs the users attention and convey the message very smartly. Although they may look very simple sometimes, but designing an infographic requires

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