20 Impressive Resume Designs That Work

In this world where creativity and innovation has no boundaries, you can find infinite creative things that makes you feel awesome as being part of this era. Creative minds bring forward their imagination to leave people stunned. While everything is going creative, some people come up


5 Plugins That Will Make Your Blog Look Awesome

WordPress is surely the most user friendly web publishing platform today. WordPress works mainly on Plugins which makes it easier to manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO), comments and content. To enhance your WordPress experience, we suggest you 5 best WordPress Plugins which you must install. 1)


10+ Beautiful Typography Designs for Inspiration

Typography designs are rapidly changing with the passage of time. Designers are switching back towards the basics with more focus towards elegance and eligibility. Some web designers are using classic styles with renovation, while others are embracing new technologies to bring innovation and creativity in type


20 Premium WordPress Themes with Full Screen Sliders

Photographers, Designers and other creative people want to showcase their work on full screen sliders to create an everlasting first impression. They prefer WordPress themes with built in slider options to make their website experience as pleasant as possible. Finding a WordPress theme meeting your all requirements,


20 Highly Creative Loading Bar Designs

Although internet connections are getting faster with the passage of time, still there are some moments when you have to wait for loading. Professional graphic designers diminish the pain of waiting by designing innovative and catchy loading bar designs. Progress or Loading Bars shows the current status


10 Best Keyword Research and Analysis Tools for SEO and PPC

While establishing any online business, Keywords research and analysis plays an essential role in obtaining right customers from targeted locations. Those online businesses who ignore keywords research and analysis process can never achieve their targeted goals. Keywords research not only assists in ranking your desired


20 Stunning Examples of Website Footer Designs

While designing any website, website designers usually give more importance to header section and overlook footer section completely. In most of the cases footer is just considered an afterthought for dumping legal disclaimers, copyrights and other spam links. It shouldn’t be this way. Remember that


10+ Examples of Inspirational Landing Pages

Landing Page plays an effective role in grabbing customer’s attention, advertising your products and services, highlighting prices and most important it is helpful in increasing the conversion rate. An effective landing page must be clear, concise and must grab customer’s attention at first sight. Below

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Google celebrating FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil

Google is celebrating FIFA World Cup 2014 by daily introducing new Doodles on its home page. These Google Doodles are interactive and football lovers can directly relate to them. Some of the doodles signifies the culture and traditions of Brazil while others shows the cheering


20+ Must Have Free Fonts 2014

Font Selection is the initial and one of the crucial decision for every website designer. Whether you are a newbie or pro designer, you cant ignore typography. Nowadays you can easily spice up your design by using high quality free fonts. Revitalize your designing kit by

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