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Flash Light

Color Flash Light

It’s claimed to display famous light like candles, police lights, SOS and a lot of others. You can also access the light on the back of the camera with it and it’s totally free. It’s another feature is to make your device screen into a

Google Material Design

Google Material Design, Refreshing Advancement for Web Designers

Google Material design, new visual design language was introduced by Google in June 2014 and it has gained much popularity in design community. This new visual design is a departure from past guidelines introduced by Microsoft and Apple. This language systematically resolves designer’s issues and

Web Design Style Guideline

How To Create Website Designing Style Guide?

Website creation is getting more and more challenging due to the intense competition. It is crucially important to understand the business objectives and exceed the customer’s expectations. Usually it is not a one person job. A team of professional website designers and web developers are

Visual Design

Top Visual Design Trends to Watch in 2014

As a graphic designer, you continuously face the challenge of staying on top of the game. To be a good designer you have to stay updated according to the ever changing design trends. Design trends kept on evolving every year. 2014 is rumored to be

Online Portfolio Website

How to Create Knockout Online Portfolio Website?

What is the first thing that customers notice while selecting a designer, photographer or any other creative expert? Indeed the most important thing that they are interested in knowing is the expertise and skills of the professional. Whether you are a freelance designer or you

3W Edge - Responsive Web Design

How to Effectively Optimize Your Mobile Website?

All over the world, usage of smartphones is increasing day by day. Customers prefer to use smart phones and tablets for comparing different products and doing online shopping. Mobile phones and tablets are contributing enormously in generating heavy traffic as well as high conversion rates.


3W Edge, Entering New Era of Digital Designing

Thinking about hiring a web development company? Think again. Is that really all you need, a company that just develop websites? Most of the businesses need more than just a web development company that can only build their site. They need a digital designing agency


10 Best Social Media Plugins For WordPress

 Social Media Integration in your website plays a crucial role in generating traffic on your website as well as social media pages. WordPress, one of the best content management system has some of the best social media marketing plugins. These plugins not only promote your social

one page website

How to Create An Amazing One Page Website?

Single Page or One page websites are nowadays getting popularity among designers. Every business doesn’t need to be loaded with multiple web pages. One page website can be enough for some businesses. Before creating one, make sure that your project qualifies first. Single Page Websites

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